About Our Team

Our team is composed of proven senior executives, each with over 20 years experience in the successful design, development and selling of products and services to many diverse markets. Each is a high energy, technologically-astute executive with demonstrated success at developing and implementing business strategies to attain revenue and growth while maximizing profit potential – especially in emerging business environments. Additionally, each has held numerous senior level positions, with an emphasis on accounting and finance, operations, strategic marketing, business development, engineering oversight and building winning teams.

We also have a virtual team of operational, financial and project managers to assist our clients as workload demands change.

Andrew Wilson
Principal, Lamonti Ventures, LLC
Email:  andrew@lamonti.com
Phone: (206) 651-4156

CEO—Interim CEO—Startup—Turn Around Expert

Andrew Wilson is a creative, entrepreneurial CEO who focuses on customer and market-drivers in positioning companies for success. He is often called upon to assess products and create strategic plans to successfully align products with markets.

Currently, as Principal of Lamonti Ventures, a corporate consulting firm focusing on Turn Around Management, Andrew is appointed interim CEO by the Courts to take charge of company operations, gain physical control of all assets, maintain operations, assess financial and market conditions, create and communicate a strategic plan, gain the approval of all stakeholders and then execute on the plan...all within one month’s time. 

The ultimate goal of maximizing company value is determined by a series of ranked desired outcomes from successful "turn-around" to the sale of the company as an operating entity, to the final step of liquidation. Andrew has led companies in a wide range of industries including wireless, technology, manufacturing and distribution; including the successful sale of a technology company and its patents to eBay. 

Andrew is also a co-founder of a wireless MVNE focused on enabling companies to introduce new products with wireless connectivity and to assist companies entering new markets. This endeavor stemmed from his extensive background and experience with multiple start-ups in wireless and wireline telecommunications. Andrew's first company, Active Telemangement, was a spin-off of Active Voice corporation (now owned by Cisco) where he led the sales effort.

Andrew holds a BA in Business with a concentration in Accounting and Finance from the University of Washington. He is also a Pac-10 rowing champion on the University of Washington’s Crew team and is an Eagle Scout.