Start Up

Start-ups need to rapidly assemble the right people, alliances, products and services, operations and financing to succeed in today’s marketplace. Our professionals help bring these pieces together in real time. We provide Strategic Business Management, Interim CEO, Interim CFO, Board and Advisory expertise in either full-time engagements or project by project engagements.


Clients involved in Mergers & Acquisition activities need to identify targets, assess value, execute plans and integrate acquisitions. Our professionals help execute an M&A plan with the realization that active and effective management of both entities is necessary for successful completion, at the same time facilitating less distraction of both management groups from core business objectives.

Shut Down

Companies in  Receivership and Bankruptcy need to rapidly deploy crisis management strategies to move forward in the current environment. Our professionals helps assess these strategies and execute the strategy real time. We provide Receiver and Trustee management, Interim CEO and Interim CFO expertise in either full engagements or advisory engagements.